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ClearFunnel's vision is to provide fresh, simple, and unified solutions to technology challenges. Today's enterprise IT landscape has become increasingly complex and often unwieldy. For businesses which depend on IT, we believe things don't have to be this way. Instead, technology solutions must be simple, fast to build and deploy, integrated, and economical.

This belief drives what we do - delivering Big Data solutions truly seamlessly, FAST, and at an attractive price point - attributes which are missing in traditional Big Data products, technologies, and project approaches. Our cloud-based Big Data solution infrastructure is built on robust, proven, and industrial-grade open source technology and we are constantly pushing the boundaries to deliver the promise of providing flawless and cost-effective Big Data solutions.

Led by experienced industry practitioners, we're a world-class team of Big Data engineers, solution designers, and business executives (profiles coming soon) building the future of delivering Big Data solutions.

As you interact with us, you will find the founders' passion to deliver on our promise of providing seamless Big Data solutions embedded throughout our organization. With our vision constantly driving us to challenge the existing norms of traditional Big Data technology stack and approaches, we continue to find innovative ways to simplify solutions to Big Data challenges.

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